little artist strikes again

IMG_00000531So far Lilo has perfected his animal shapes. First it was a rabbit, then a cat and now a fish. Funny little bunny!


You remind me of someone…


We were just chillin at home last night watching the BBC nature shows when something happened. Cleo relaxed! I’m not sure if I’ve EVER seen her this chill before so I had to take a picture with my phone for fear of getting up to get my good camera would inspire her to move. After giggling to myself for a minute about how funny she looked I thought to myself, “Wait a minute there is someone that you remind me of…”

I quickly googled the Never Ending Story and there it was… Falkor, the Luckdragon. There are some similarities for sure. They’re both white and furry, they both have ruby eyes and floppy ears, they both fly (when Miss Cleo decides she’s going to binky, she doesn’t mess around!), and they’re both lucky. Cleo was found by a Rabbit Rescue Volunteer and then was fostered and adopted by another RR volunteer. Lucky girl for sure!

Sorry Clue, I giggled at your expense twice last night.


Rabbit Supervision

124_11086100439_1758_nSo, last night I had to. I broke down and changed the litter pans. Any rabbit owner will know that rabbit pee is is the worst smell in the history of ever. It’s a welcome refresher when it’s all cleaned up and new – for everyone. It’s the act of cleaning bunny potties that is a bit of a gong show at our house…

Our rabbits are all free range. We find they are MUCH happier with a lot of space. So, when we were done ‘cage training’ (it is a process to build the trust for a bunny to be out roaming so we used to keep cages with the doors open unless we were gone for a few hours at a time) now we use the plastic cage bottoms as litter boxes. These have ample room for the bunnies to dig and do their business and we pop hay to one end so they can munch. Side note: hay gets everywhere whether you want it to or not, rabbits are messy eaters.

When it’s litter change day I get over supervised. By the rabbits. I’m not sure what it is about moving the litter pans but it creates INSTANT excitement and the bunnies MUST investigate.

First, we sweep the carpet of the overspilled hay. Jinx hates the broom (almost as much as the vacuum) so he comes running, lunges and growls at it. I’ve hardly done a thing and I’m already causing a commotion. Next I empty out the pans in a big garbage bag. You’d think a new, uncharted territory was discovered. I have to put the pan down in stages leaning it up against the wall at first to pick up Lilo and remove him from what is to be the pans original resting place to the other side of the room. Then scoot away Cleo as she happily rubs her chin on EVERYTHING in the area as if to (re)claim it. Now Lilo is back under my feet again… Ugh, all I want to do is clean the litter! Cat people don’t have to deal with this.

So I finally somehow manage to scoot the rabbits out of the way long enough to put the pan down… within seconds one is in the empty pan the other is checking out the garbage bag. I can’t even get the Yesterday’s News down fast enough. SIGH. AM I DONE YET? At this point I give up and pour the litter in the pan – rabbit claimed or not – and add the new hay. I swear they think this is fun. With my nose pinched I head for the garbage shoot and get rid of the evidence that once was smelly pee litter. On to fight another day.

Who knew cleaning a rabbit potty was so exciting?! :S

Who wears the pants?

IMG_0882-LRLilo and Cleo were a new item as of fall 2013. They absolutely adore each other however I’ve noticed something funny about the two of them. Roles have reversed.

Lilo (the boy), is an uber suck. He loves attention and you could pat him for hours, he’s a social butterfly and likes to keep tabs on where the people are and what they’re doing and he’s completely trusting to the point where you could step right over him or squish him between your feet (lightly of course) without him even flinching. He doesn’t mind to be brushed and shows his gratitude for your affection by giving bunny kisses.

Cleo (the girl), wears the pants. She’s more warry and doesn’t relax easily. She doesn’t like to be touched (by humans) and will bump you away or grunt at you as if to be bossy. If you’re giving Lilo attention she will run right over to investigate and wait patiently to the side to clean ‘the human’ off him when you’re done. She ALWAYS keeps an eye out when they’re cuddling in plain sight – just in case evil approaches.

But, she loves our Rabba Lou to pieces and that’s all that matters. ❤

Bunny Art


Our fur babies are our kids. So, like most kids, we spoil them to the best of our means. One thing we’ve figured out over the course of the years is that Lilo really, REALLY, likes to chew on printer paper. I’m not sure if it’s a texture or taste thing for him but he LOVES it. Any  mommy out there knows how much they LOVED their kiddo’s first piece of art. Well, imagine hearing, “chew, chew, chew” and walk by to see your bunny… made you a bunny!

I took a ton of photos will my cell and posted to facebook right away. Then I snatched it out of his mouth and put it on my fridge (about 2 years ago) and it’s still there to this day. Don’t worry, I replaced it with another fresh piece of printer paper! 😉