Decorating for Christmas


Because Mr Bean doesn’t move around the best, he gets picked on a little bit. I thought he could maybe help with the lights. He didn’t think that was the best idea, he was trying to pick the bulbs up and throw them. Woops.


I’m getting coal for Xmas

ARP-8945-2Decorating for Christmas is an interesting time at our home. We have a small space so there are a lot of limitations to what you can put where. Our tree (3′ tall) sits on a side table so it doesn’t get chewed or knocked over. The presents can’t sit on the floor or the wrappers get ripped off and ribbon gets eaten. I didn’t even bother to put up lights this year as I didn’t have the energy to try to hide the cords (rabbits love cords). It’s like having a room full of destructive 2 year olds this time of year.

Just for fun I decided to put a small Christmas set together (using our real tree and fireplace) and lured Lilo and Cleo over with treats to see what would happen. They knew something was up as they weren’t too eager to approach. After sitting on the floor for a while, and they gave up crawling all over me for treats, they finally had a look at what the commotion was all about. Camera ready I just snapped away.

No Christmas bulbs were hurt in the making of this photo shoot.