Liloprofile2Lilo is the man that started it all. He is an 8 year old, pure breed, Chinchilla Mini Lop. He is my knight in shining armour, my confidant when I am sad and my best friend.

He came home with me one day from the mall (it seems funny now when I think of it – as I hate malls) and changed my world. At first this tiny little guy that fit in the palm of my hand was a marvel to me. I had never owned a bunny before so I had no idea what to expect. I thought it interesting how he couldn’t use his front paws to pick things up to eat, but once he got something in his mouth how his little lips could hold it there as he munched away. Watching his tiny nose twitch, the little binkies as he ran across the room and how he’d burrow into the smallest places to feel comfortable is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I was instantly in love.

As the time progressed, so did his size as he is now in the 5.5lb range. Accused of being ‘chubby’ it’s mostly his double coat (as you can see in this picture by his racing stripes) that he sheds at least twice yearly. Thank you Dyson for being a great help around the house! Haha!

He is a HUGE mommy suck. I will sit cross legged on the floor and he’ll put his little chin where my ankles cross and I could pet him all day. When I stop I get nose nudges reminding me that he’s still there and I should continue. Lilo comes running when he hears his name in hopes that its salad or a piece of fruit or a Martin’s Rabbit Cookie but (after searching through my fingers) will just as soon settle for face pets.

When my now husband came along Lilo wasn’t impressed. He would dive bomb him and it took him a long while to warm up. Once he realized his space on the bed (yep, he used to wait for me on the bed at night and once it was bedtime, lie next to me facing the door) was the only thing that was gone and that he gained another sucker to pet him for hours on end, he became content again.

Now bonded to his new friend Cleo he loves the constant attention and the cuddle buddy. Hopefully he teaches her all he knows about being a great bunny! My Rabba Lou Bug.


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