JinxProfileJinx is a 3.5lb Mini Lop who was approximately 11 years old. We don’t know for sure as he came from the Oakville Humane Society. After meeting this tiny little man (who at the shelter was also called Leelo) it was hard to see how someone could have dumpted him outside.

Yes, a little rough around the edges as he was a bit jumpy and had some trust issues, I began to work on him. It took a long time… I mean LOOOOOOOOOONG time for him to come around. Somedays heartbreaking, I learned patience with this one. He would hide, wouldn’t let you touch him and even lunge and growl at you.

About 2 years later, something happened… we moved to a new space and I moved him into my office with me so we could spend more time together… and he just snapped out of it.

He would lounge under my feet to get patted, he started following me around everywhere (especially to the fridge) to see what was going on, he LOVED having his face pet and even leans into you.

Gettinging a little older he’s not so good on his feet anymore and is a bit wobbly so will also tolerate back massages as I think they helped. He would take his aggression out on the vacuum and lunge and growl at it – Once I figure out how to post a video I’ll show you – it’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen!

He comes running at me if he saw me coming thinking I had something good from the fridge. He loved Organic salad and herbs, bananas, Martins Apple and Banana cookies and his cheat food was chips. Nacho Doritos didn’t stand a chance if you had one in your hand, he’d climb you for a taste.

He is one of  my biggest accomplishments in life – I gained his trust and turned his life around. We spent the best part of his last 8.5 years together.

Very sad we had to say goodbye on January 12, 2015 as his arthritis took away his ability to hop and groom himself. Despite doing everything we could to keep him comfortable with coushy blankies and 2 doses of Metacam a day (that he’d box me to get out of) it was time. It was the HARDEST decision and phone call I’ve ever had to make.

Love my Jinky Beany Bun forever.



One thought on “Jinx

  1. Small world, we got our butterfly mini lop Snoopy from Rabbit Rescue. He’s the same approx age, size, colour pattern, and personality as your Jinx. Resemblance is uncanny. I wonder if Jinx and Snoopy are long lost cousins. 🙂

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