cleoprofile2Cleo, also known as Clue, is the newest addition to our family – a 5.5lb LionHead Lop. We saw her on a Facebook post from Rabbit Rescue Inc and knew we had to save her and fostered her. It wasn’t long we were picking her up from a vet clinic  after her spay. Of course seeing this beautiful furry face it’s not hard to fall head-over-heels for her so the adoption inquiries came in fast! Just getting to know her little personality it was hard to let her go so we filed our own adoption application and managed to keep her.

It’s like she knew the deal was sealed and the very next day started exploring her limits.

Once bonded to Lilo she has settled down a bit but LOVES to explore – especially in places she’s not supposed to be. Thank goodness for rabbit proofing!

She loves her Lilo and grooms him often. I think she may be a touch jealous of Lilo and his mommy as she races over anytime we have a cuddle session to be right in the thick of things. Since being bonded to Lilo she doesn’t like to be pet much and when you do it’s like she shakes the human off her and hops away. We’re hoping she comes around a bit. The odd thing she will do if you’re crouched on the floor with them is lick your eyebrows… a grooming thing or an affection thing we’re not sure… but there has to be some love in there for us somewhere!


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