caramelprofileCaramel came to us in June 2015 with her potential bond Butters. She is a 6 month old Mini Lop and from what we can tell she is going to be BIG. She is a very social and adventurous lady who is already keeping us on our toes. She has yet to learn great bathroom skills outside her pen but is potty trained in her own space. She was given up to us because his super spoily parents were moving and, even though they love her to bits, they didn’t feel they had the proper space for her. She was already semi-bonded to her partner in crime, Butters, who we continue the bonding process with.

Caramel is a pet store bunny. For only being 6 months old she is already larger than Butters and gaining on Lilo and Cleo. With her big ears and tail we wouldn’t be surprised if she was part French Lop so we’ll enjoy watching her grow up!

We look forward to sharing and learning more about Miss Moo as we get to know her.


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