About Me


My name is Alicia and I am a self-employeed Graphic Designer and Professional Photographer.

My obsession began 8 years ago with the introduction of a tiny, grey mini lop I had dragged home from the mall and called Lilo. He was quite handsome, full of energy and grew quickly!

Once realizing this tiny creature had such a personality, was a super suck, didn’t need to be in a cage and (once I understood how) wasn’t hard to take care of, I needed one more. I began my research to find Lilo a friend. It wasn’t until then that I had realized that many others just like him are mistreated, abandoned and in shelters. Within 6 months I adopted Lilo’s ‘brother’ Jinx from a shelter.

Like most brothers, Lilo and Jinky (a 3.5 lb black and white lop) didn’t always get along. Even though they were both neutered they weren’t meant to be together. So. My tiny apartment was split in two with gates and we lived together in harmony (most of the time). Although they didn’t get on well being together, they were just fine visiting one another on each side of the gate.

While doing research I came across Rabbit Rescue Inc. and without knowing it I met the cause I have devoted every spare moment I’d have in the future to help. I do most of their graphic design material, fundraise doing a photo booth at Bunfest, photograph and design the annual calendar and manage and update their website. 7 years after Lilo enters our RR foster, Cleo, a white LionHead Lop. Lilo and Cleo quickly fell in love and are a happily bonded pair.

For now, our family (and our space) is complete and we live in awe every day with our little fur-clan. My husband and I currently live in London, Ontario, Canada.


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