Welcome to our TWO new buns! Yep, I’m earning my nickname…


Yep. I’m Crazy. TWO new bunnies.

I have to give kudos to their bunny momma as she was moving and knew she didn’t have the right space for them to be happy. It’s not often I’ve taken in bunnies that are as spoiled as mine (or more so!). Meet Butters (brown and white male) and Caramel (orange and white female).

Butters is 6 years old and a very mild mannered itty bitty Holland Lop. He is very sweet and gentle boy loving face strokes and bum scratches (which he’ll kiss you in appreciation for). It has been less that 48 hours at his new home and he’s already figured out the best path for a good binky/run. I’ve been told he LOVES banana and bum twitches while wolfing it down. We’re going to try some today!

Caramel is a 6 month old Mini Lop who is very bold and adventurous. Once she’s ready we’ll have her altered like the other 3. So far there isn’t much fresh food she won’t indulge in. We tried going outside for the FIRST TIME EVER yesterday and she’s not very sure about it yet, however, once we teach her the sounds and sights are safe she’ll probably enjoy it. We found out the hard way she REALLY doesn’t like being picked up as I have a few war wounds to show for it but, like Cleo, she’ll learn that we won’t hurt her and once you’re up, we don’t let go so you may as well just submit to it. Haha. We hear she LOVES mango so I may try her with a piece of it this evening.

They are not quite free range yet… but have GIANT cages until we can ween them up to being ‘on the loose’ safely. They’re also not bonded yet but as you can see we’re already having great success with mini dates and are hoping to have them fully bonded in the next month.

More photos and stories to come in the next few weeks!!


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