I take pet names a little too far… Part 2

In light of losing Jinky I’ve decided I’m going to do my best to make this next post a more happy one. Let’s focus on the many nicknames of Lilo. Because Lilo was the first, the original rabbit that got me into this crazy place, he has acquired one or two nicknames…

Originally named ‘Lila’, I was down on the floor playing with ‘her’ one day and noticed something strange as ‘she’ hopped away. Could it be?! After picking ‘her’ up to investigate… Yep. It’s a BOY! Whoops! After a good giggle, I told him if we just switch the last letter of his name it’ll sound a little more manly. Lilo it was.

And then the nicknames came flooding in… Lou, Rabba Lou, Rabba Lou Bug, Bug, Bubba Lou, Ribba Lou, Ribbit, LeeLou, Rabba Louski, Louski, Bubby, Buppy, Bub, Babe, Rabbit Puppy, Weebo, Weebie, Chubbin, Chubby, Chubby Bum, Snorey Pants, Handsome, Handsomemen, Sucky, Sucky Bum.

There will be more that I’ve forgotten for sure… My one and only Lou. 🙂




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