Time for a hair cut

Someone on our Facebook page asked why on earth anyone would bother to cut LionHead or Angora rabbits’ fur. I took this as a perfect opportunity to write a blog post as I noticed our Cleo was due.


One of the main reasons WE cut our LionLop’s hair is because she HATES being brushed. Hates it. So to avoid a bunch of stressful encounters weekly, we decided she’s better off getting a hair cut a few times a year. Cleo’s mane hair grows to easily 4-5″ long… and it’s thick, from her eyeballs to past her shoulders. She’s a very pretty bunny with her long hair, and does a pretty good job of keeping herself clean, but it can get matted very easily. I let her grow it out until I see the first signs of matting (once or twice a year) and when it’s finally looking scruffy, it gets chopped off. We very carefully pick her up and trim her bum fringe, back hocks, and long mane. Today she made sure she stomped in disapproval.

Another reason we up-keep through the year as her mane grows right into her eyes so she can’t see. She does this funny thing we call ‘rabbit scanning’ where she litterally scans the room side to side because she can hear something, but can’t quite see what’s going on. Although it’s cute, it’s not that fair to leave her with a limited view.

She looks more like a scruffy gremlin now but it will not take long at all before I’m trimming her mane out of her eyes again.



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