I take pet names a little too far… Part 1

As I’m finishing up some retouching at home I realize that in one sentence I called Jinx 3 different names. So I started thinking about how many nicknames I actually have for my 3 fur-balls and it’s a little outrageous…


First of all, Jinx’s ‘long name’ is actually Leeroy Jenkins – shortened to Jinx cause it’s much more fun. After that comes Jinky, Jinker, Jinkin, Janx, Janky, Jinky Bean, Jink-E-Bean, Bean, Beam, Beanie Boo, Beanu, Beaner Bum, Sinker Bum, Stinky Bean, E-Bean, E-Bun, E-Bunny, Beaner, Jinky Doodle, Yinky, Yinky Doodle, and most recently Yibbin or Yibbity Bunny.

I’m probably forgetting some…

Ooop, yep. BeeBeeDoop, BeeBa, BumBum, BeeBin, B-bun, Blinky, Blinky Bun, Blinky Bean, Wobbles & Wobbly Bunny.

The worst part is, my husband knows exactly who I’m talking about for all of the above. :S Woopsie!



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