Bunny Art


Our fur babies are our kids. So, like most kids, we spoil them to the best of our means. One thing we’ve figured out over the course of the years is that Lilo really, REALLY, likes to chew on printer paper. I’m not sure if it’s a texture or taste thing for him but he LOVES it. Any  mommy out there knows how much they LOVED their kiddo’s first piece of art. Well, imagine hearing, “chew, chew, chew” and walk by to see your bunny… made you a bunny!

I took a ton of photos will my cell and posted to facebook right away. Then I snatched it out of his mouth and put it on my fridge (about 2 years ago) and it’s still there to this day. Don’t worry, I replaced it with another fresh piece of printer paper! 😉


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